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How to knit into the stitch below for fisherman’s rib

This page has moved on … but don’t worry, you can find the tutorial on my new website at this link



  1. Irene Thibodeau

    Thank you for the pattern and the great tutorial! This is the first time I have clearly understood knitting in the stitch below. Your photos clearly show exactly the steps for the stitch. Your wording is clear and easily understood. I am so glad I am on your email list! Looking forward to more tips, tutorials and projects.

    • mary beaty

      Mary Beaty: January 19, 2013 at 7:27 pm
      Just wanted to say thank you for the above “Fisherman’s rib pattern: loved it and am very appreciative of finding a web site that came to my rescue. Very clear instructions and photos. Cant thank you enough. So very grateful and looking forward to joining you.

  2. Candy

    Hi- especially come back to the site to thank you for your time and generosity to share this tutorial. I have read a few others on web but still cant get it until i was here. I have started a few inches now, it came out perfectly except the tension of the loops varies somehow, yet i am sure it will get better soon after some practice. thank you once again.

  3. Maria Aquilina

    I too tried it and will soon finish the scarf on time to give it as an Easter present.Thanks.Look forward for more simple patterns.

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