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How to knit loops

This page has moved.  For the free tutorial, please visit


  1. Judith

    thank you for your excellent instructions. Santa Claus will now have a lovely beard !

  2. Amy

    Thank you! The step by step directions were the best I have read. I even watched utube demonstrations and your directions were the best!

  3. Hi
    I think your illustrations are the best. The pictures are large and you can really see how to do the stitch. I wish other websites were as clear,
    Thank you

  4. Many thanks for the clear instructions. I’m anxious to try the loop stitch for a Border Collie dog I’m knitting for a grand-daughter. Lois

  5. Ned

    Do you have the pattern you used to make the head? I’m trying to make a sheepy tea cosy, and want a head to go on it.

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