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Bloomsbury elephant knitting pattern

Bloomsbury elephant has been busy baking cakes for all his friends at the zoo!

I have always wanted to make an elephant, and finally I’ve finished my new creation called Bloomsbury.  Everyone knows elephants love sticky buns, so I had to make him some little cakes (inspired by the classic Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells).

If you would like to make your own elephant, the pattern is available from my stores on Etsy, Folksy and Ravelry.

Bloomsbury Elephant



  1. Another magical animal from your hands! This sweet little elephant reminds me SO much of my very best toy as a child. The elephant FANTUS. :)) Thanks a lot for taking me down memory lane…

  2. I love the pattern for the elephant. I have two more new great grand son to be born this year. What do you suggest stuffing them with. Thanks for your time.

    • Hello, and thank you for your lovely comment.

      I usually always use a polyester toy stuffing from Minicraft called Supersoft Toy Filling. I like it because it is washable, and it is easy to find in my local craft or department stores. If you are making toys for a baby and you are worried about allergies, there are some organic stuffings on the market that may be safer to use. Near Sea Naturals sell some lovely organic wool stuffings, and a link is below for you

      If you have any more questions, please do let me know and I am happy to help.

      fluff and fuzz

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