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Daisy free knitting pattern

This page has moved, so just click on this link to get my free daisy pattern




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  3. Wanda

    This is so very cute, I just love it. I am making a bag for my niece and think I waill add this to it. Thanks for the pattern

  4. Ruth E. Seeger

    Thanks for small things!! I enjoy making things & really am
    interested with this pattern..
    Thank you so much for posting it for us elderly!!
    On fixed income, helps to be able to keep doing things
    and not have to pay for patterns!!! You have done us a
    great service…


  5. Thanks for this great Daisy so easy to do and sweet.Thanks also for making it a free pattern as Im making it for toys that I sell on for charities!!!

  6. bribri

    Thanks 4 posting this for free! I made one with hot pink petals and a soft pink middle part. I don’t know if I should make it into a hair piece or add it to something to make it a little unique. I think i might add it to a cute pair of shorts or maybe a purse. 🙂

    It’s hard to find good patterns that are free. So thank you very much!

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  8. heather

    This is so cute can’t wait to make a ton! Thanks for the free pattern and also the great pictures! I love to knit new things but being a single mom, its hard for me to find extra money to purchase patterns!!

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