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How to gather cast on stitches together

fluff and fuzz is moving to a new website, so you can now find this tutorial at this link …


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  2. Mary

    If you have a neat way of sewing up knitted toys, I’d be grateful to know about it. I’m okay with the knitting, but when it comes to sewing the pieces together I make a mess of things. Especially the teddy bear I knitted up recently.

    • Hello, I don’t have a photo tutorial for this at the moment, but there is an excellent tutorial on the following blog if this helps….

      I sew my limbs or head to the body by catching one stitch on the limb, and then catching one stitch on the body, sewing all the way round stitch by stitch. It is tricky, so patience is a virtue! I usually pin the pieces in place first to check I am happy with the position before sewing together.

      If you need any more help, do let me know

      Best wishes

      fluff and fuzz

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