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Mini Christmas Stocking free knitting pattern

This page has moved on….you can find the pattern at this link …

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  1. Thelma

    Boy do I love you as we are going to do heaps of stocking and put a packet of lifesavers in it to give to the Homeless or those in Nursing homes for Christmas

    • It is so generous of you to donate your time to such great causes, I really hope that this pattern helps.
      Best wishes

      fluff and fuzz

  2. These are lovely Amanda – a great size for the tree. I’m working on knitted and crochet stockings too for LGC and some tree decorations. Had a little trouble with the large knitted stocking, but got there in the end. It’s very generous of you to share patterns – it’s something I really must do more of too x

  3. wendy hallam

    hi great patterns could u explain what (KFB) is as i haven’t come across this abreviation b4 and i can’t wait to get started. thanks wendy

  4. Becci

    Thanks for posting this pattern – I’m using it to make mini stockings for a home made advent calendar. :)

  5. Regan

    I love this pattern! It is best for someone like me who has only been knitting for a month. But is there a way to adapt it to make it larger? I am trying to knit christmas stocking for my husband and I as part of our first christmas together but most patterns are a bit to complex for me still. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

    • Hello! Thank you for your lovely comments, and what a great question! I haven’t tried making this any larger, but if you double or triple the number of stitches, and also the rows, it would increase the size. You would need to add a few more rows, just because knitting stitches are not perfectly square, and otherwise your stocking might look a bit squashed. I will have to design a bigger stocking now just to answer your question!

      Best wishes
      fluff and fuzz

  6. Anita

    Thank you for the wonderful pattern! I have a question regarding sewing the stocking together…I know that the sides should be sewed together…but how do you cast on the edges at the bottom of the stocking?

    • Hello, and thank you for your message.

      I am so sorry if the instructions were not clear. When you start knitting the stocking, you will be starting from the bottom of the foot and working your way up to the top (where you cast off). So the cast on edge, the bottom of the piece of the knitting, is folded in half when you sew it together, almost like you were folding a piece of paper in half to make a birthday card. You will need to sew the bottom edges together to close the bottom of the foot, joining one half of the cast on edge to the other half.

      I don’t know if the explanation helps or hinders(?), so if you still have questions please do get in touch and I will be happy to help.

      Best wishes


      • Anita

        Thanks Amanda! I just finished the stocking following your exact instructions! Thank you so much…and it couldn’t be more simple (I think I complicated things myself!). I looked online yesterday for something I can do for the holidays…and this was perfect! I may make extras and donate it to a knitting club that brings knitted goodies to local hospitals and homeless shelters =) Thanks again for sharing this pattern!

  7. Martine

    What does ( K2TOG ) x4 mean? Is it casing off by knitting 2 stitches into 1? Sorry, I have never read english knitting instructions, only Dutch…..very cute though, want to make these….

    • Hello Martine!

      K2TOG x 4 means that you need to knit two stitches together 4 times (for example, eight stitches would be decreased to four stitches)

      Do let me know if you need more help, and I will be happy to answer any questions

      best wishes

  8. Wanda

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I inherited some white sparkly yarn which will be perfect and, hopefully time willing, will make some of these for my children for their Christmas trees.

  9. Beccy

    What a wonderful pattern and what lovely helpful answers to the queries above. Happy Holidays x

  10. Thank you for the free pattern for the mini stockings, I have been working in a day centre for people who have different problems, some mental and some physical, we were looking for simple ideas to make for next Christmas, I think these will be ideal. I will try the mini trees next , thanks again for some free ideas! Best wishes for 2013 and your new ideas.

  11. Serena

    Hi Amanda
    I’m loving this pattern and as a very newbie knitter, I’m thrilled to have got to the last line of instructions…but that is where I am stuck..! I have tried to find casting off in K1 P1 tutorials online, and they all appear to be very complicated! Am I missing something?! Could I cast off in another (easier!) way?


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  13. Love this pattern! Thank you. I made some last year, this year I wanted to make it slightly larger, should I just add an even number of stitches to the pattern (for example cast on 24 rather than 18?) etc?

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  15. Mandy

    Just made this (the top version with the moss stitch top) and love it. Thank you. Its perfect for a novice knitter like myself.

  16. hi have you managed to make a large stocking yet please as I would loveto make the for my children for the fireplace please let me know thank you

    • I am sorry Julie, I have been busy working on my dissertation so I haven’t had time to work on this yet, but hopefully my life will be a little less frantic after Easter so I can create a new stocking pattern before next Christmas!

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