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Christmas Tree knitting pattern

This page has moved as fluff and fuzz is moving home, but don’t worry, if you want this tree pattern it is still free from Ravelry!  Here is a link for you …

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  2. rachel

    Thank you for sharing your pattern, I knitted a load of trees and raised £112 for charity. I knitted in the round in sparkling Christmas sock yarn and added a star on the top. I contrast I used doubled chunky yarn for a larger tree.

    I really ejoyed knitting your pattern very much.

  3. Jacqueline P. Wallace

    This is quite a uniquely-clever idea —and it looks fabulous, I hope to try it—but I dedided to use my own pattern (so to speak)—of course I have not devised one yet, but before I put up my knitting needles, I WILL TRY TO MAKE this beautiful tree! Thank you so very much for sharing this with so many persons…it gives others SOMETHING to WET their THINKING CAPS AND do something constructive with the brain with which we’ve been so richly blessed…May your ideas come in abundance day by day, and as they enrich your life..if you still desire to share…they will surely enrich the lives of all knitters who are serious ABOUT KNITTING as you are….Bless you!

  4. Margaret

    Thank you for the little Christmas tree pattern.I have knitted two so far, both have turned out well. This is the best pattern I could find. Thanks again.

  5. Gillian

    Thank you for sharing this pattern. I have knitted some as gifts for Stroke survivors that I work as a volunteer with and they were thrilled with them.

  6. Cat

    This is a really cute patteren, I haven’t yet made it simply because I don’t understand the patteren. I think if i get a little bit of help off someone I should be able to :) Thank Youuuu

  7. Ellie

    I made this tree last night, so easy (especially for a beginner like me!) and really fun! My family and friends will be getting many knited xmas decorations this year! thank you for sharing your patterns

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  9. emily

    It is an awesome pattern and looks especially cool in green sparkle eyelash yarn. How do you get your seams so neat…I always have a bit of a ridge…:(

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